My name is Andre' Weathers, commander of the Weathers Army in the South, husband of a beautiful wife, father of two gorgeous and extremely intelligent girls. And, I shall have my vengenence in this life or the next!

Sorry, I couldn't resist! I watched 300 (again) recently!

Quick Background. Born and raised in the inner city of Blues and BBQ (and a Pyramid!) - Memphis, TN. I have dual-degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from Morehouse College and Georgia Tech. Currently, I'm a Director in Client Integration Services and API Solutions at the Intercontinental Exchange. I help some of the world's largest Institutional and Algorithmic clients trade futures and options on commodities, interest rates, indexes and FX, as well as equities and equity options. I've also worked at some pretty great places like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Nortel Networks.

My Story. TLDT :) Isn't this what the blog is for?


DISCLAIMERS: If you work for any branch of our Armed Forces or the NSA, thanks for your service and please do not be alarmed. I do not command an actual Army.