The first program that most programmers learn is a simple "hello, world!" example. It serves as a straight forward example that is quick to create and gives the programmer immediate feedback. It also gives you an immediate sense of accomplishment that lingers until you have your first debugging experience :). This is my hello, world program in blog form.

So, why blog? 2 reasons:

  1. I'm a relatively private person, but I've learned so much from so many great blog posts from people in different industries that it feels criminally selfish not to share my experiences and what I've learned.
  2. I have a bit more time than in the past and writing will help to strengthen the framing of my thoughts.

In general, I'll blog about things that interest me - tech, business, and finance, things that I've learned and/or observed, and my personal and professional experiences.

I'll figure out the right balance of personal/business as I go.